About HVA

Representing the collective national voice for early childhood home visiting.

What We Do

Strengthening the impact of early childhood home visiting across Ireland.


Sharing our expertise at organisation, community and Government level.

Established in November 2020, the Home Visiting Alliance is a collaboration of five Irish evidence-based early childhood home visiting programmes.

Antenatal to five is the most critical period in a child’s life and vital for development over the life course. Early childhood home visiting connects parents with a Home Visitor who supports them through those precious early stages of raising a family.

The Home Visiting Alliance

  • Promotes home visiting as an essential prevention and early  intervention service for children,  parents  and families.

  • Supports our member organisations, collectively and individually, to strengthen and broaden the impact of home visiting in Ireland.

  • Contributes to policy development and implementation.

  • Shares our common learning locally, nationally and internationally.