The Wheel Training Links Programme 2022-24

In line with ‘Ireland’s National Skills Strategy 2025 – Ireland’s Future’ the HVA training programme aims to

  1. Upskill frontline Home Visitors across Ireland to adapt the existing high-quality, impactful, consistent, responsive service to existing and future challenges e.g., pandemics, lack of access to assessments/specialist services, immigration, including the Ukrainian refugee crisis.
  2. Enhance leadership skills of the HVA network to increase impact and provide ongoing agile strategic workforce development.
  3. Contribute to the alignment of HV standards across the country and Government’s First Five goal of developing a standardised model of home visiting in Ireland.

Over the course of the programme, a series of 6 knowledge-sharing workshops will enable home visiting staff to expand their skills, competencies and knowledge.

First Sharing Knowledge Workshop Friday Oct 14th 11-1pm 
Zarah Doyle from AsIAm delivered the first workshop on Neurodiversity and the Pathways to Support. Zarah spoke about assessments, multidisciplinary teams, community, pre-school, and primary school supports, as well as how to support families on this journey.

Second Sharing Knowledge Workshop Friday Jan 20th 2023 11-1pm
Sonya Goulding from the Early Learning Initiative will talk about self-care and professional boundaries.

Training Links Programme 2022 – 2024 | The Wheel